polar bear

Humorous T-Shirts from Sebastien Millon

January 10, 2012 animal t-shirts
French Bear loves eating little children

You know, the great thing about designing t-shirts is that there are no limitations; so why not have fun with it? With all the designs out there, you really have to do […]

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Wake Up

September 25, 2008 Tees

“Hat Tip” to theAwesomer (pretty much the most awesome source for awesome stuff) for finding these guys. Love this tee and all the vintage finds at Vintage Vantage. $22.50 + shipping at […]

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Chaine Alimentaire (Food Chain)

May 12, 2008 Tees

J’aime toutes les t shirts à lafraise, mais ce t shirt est ma préféré! Fortunately, you don’t have to speak french to get a hold of this t-shirt from LaFraise (the site […]

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