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Drunk Nate Silver t-shirts

Who dat? Nate Silver is the New York Times prognosticator who used a knowledge of statistics and polling data to accurately forecast the 2012 election results with near perfection. He correctly predicted how all 50 states would vote, and came within a hair of calling the popular vote. And by doing so, spawned one of the funniest internet memes in a while: #DrunkNateSilver.

Along the same lines as the popular Chuck Norris Facts, #DrunkNateSilver tells the tale of Nate Silver’s superhuman skills of prediction while being a drunk ass-hat. Some of my favorites are:

• Drunk Nate Silver is riding the subway, telling strangers the day they will die.
• Drunk Nate Silver can guess your weight, in stones.
• Drunk Nate Silver looking at the Mayan calendar, shaking his head calmly, X’ing out Dec 21 and circling Dec 31.
• Drunk Nate Silver plays pi degrees of Kevin Bacon.
• Drunk Nate Silver predicted “Drunk Nate Silver” would become a meme two weeks ago.

We will see how quickly this burns out (it might already have!), but wearing this t-shirt could be a good conversation starter at a party. When trying to make a buck off t-shirts inspired by an internet meme, you have to strike while the iron is hot – because after next week I guarantee almost no one will know who Nate Silver is, and be forced to ask the question: “Who dat?”

Nate Silver shirt by Skreened.com

Gulf War at Squared Eye Market Place

The reality of the situation is still so surreal it’s almost hard to believe. It’s nice to see designers doing what they can to help support the cleanup efforts. From Squared Eye:

“This Tee-Shirt is a collaboration of Yaron Schoen (the designer) and Matthew Smith to play a small role in helping combat the 2010 BP oil catastrophe. $10.00 / shirt will be sent to Save Our Gulf.”

$20 + shipping at Squared Eye Market Place


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Obama in The Sea of Hope

Just as Obama is in the midst of his first huge overseas tour as President, Chop Shop releases this hopeful tee for men and women. Like the folks over there say:

“After 8 years lost in The Sea of Holes… America emerges into the Sea of Hope with a new president at the helm. Wear your hope on your sleeves, literally.”


$20 + shipping at Chop Shop


Lady Liberty

The site design of Retro Apparel Plus could use a little polish, but the tees are top notch vintage with a little off-color humor added to the mix for good measure. Even in a time when we’re renewing our political policies abroad, this tee still sends a strong message.


$12.00 + shipping at Retro Apparel Plus