Robots, robots, robots! Did I mention robots?

Even though I’m pretty sure that they are going to take over the world someday, I still think robots are cool. You get to pay homage to a wide variety of robots with this shirt. From Mecha-Godzilla to Marvin from HHG2G, …

Robot Mic

Robots, robots, and more robots. The are numerous and versitile. How about a robot that doubles as a mic?

Check, check, check-1-2, Jerry pull the high-end out, I’m still getting some hiss back here.

stero mic

Check out this shirt and 2 other designs.

€35 + shipping at Stereo Panda

I Love You Robot

This shirt retells the story of Frankenstein, except the creation is played by an Iron Man-like silhouette. The little girl character is played by a small mechanic holding a wrench. Ahhhhh, it’s an update to a timeless classic.


Check out this shirt and check out the header at …

Retro Futurism

I’m sure that somewhere in the image of this shirt you can find the way to debate the whole Mac/PC/Linux thing, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s a robot using a retro computer. Sort of like a machine tinkering around with it’s great-grandfather. Is he laughing because …