Munchy Comic Beast T-Shirt

DeathGob are “purveyors of fine T-Shirts and other excellent items of clothing to the depraved, the confused, the sick, twisted, nerdy, needy, naughty filth-mongerers such as your good-upstanding-selves.”

Which is to say – these guys from across the pond have some pretty cool tees:


£17.50 + shipping (or


We really dig the limited edition tees at HaHa Press. Says the founder of the site:

“I created this site to combine my passions for design and printmaking. I hope others with similar passions will utilize Haha as a creative outlet. I hope you like what Haha has …

Scribble Skull

Well conceived design gives this skull and cross bones a unique 3d feel. Printed on AA tees, these shirts are sold in limited runs. The “Countdown to Extinction” counter shows how many are left. Really diggin’ this, and other tees, at EndangeredWear.

3d Skull

$22.99 + shipping at EndangeredWear