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Fear the Beard – Funny Beard T-Shirts

fear the beard tshirt skull crossbones

brian wilson beardThe “fear the beard” phenomenon seems to have started with San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson back in the 2010 MLB playoffs, and has only gained momentum in popular culture since.

The next major athlete to adopt the motto was James Harden who really wasn’t a household name until after he started growing a crazy beard. (great career move!)

Well, we all know about Duck Dynasty, and all of the other athletes who subsequently decided to grow beards, and it seems to have been a great career move for all of them. In fact, most of my friends from Brooklyn now have beards, so you know it’s trendy.

Anyway, the whole beard thing is hot, and there’s no shortage of beard t-shirts available online. In fact, you can choose from a plethora of beard tees over at beardandmustachetshirts.com

Although a certain percentage of women just aren’t into beards, you’re probably only improving your odds of getting a number at a bar by sporting a sexy, lush beard, and one of these beard t-shirts.

fear the beard star wars

Obi Wan Kenobi; Star Wars beard t-shirt

beard t shirt girls

bearded for her pleasure

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“Bones & Bowties” by Teenage Trendsettaz

Here’s the latest design from Teenage Trendsettaz, an independent label based out of New York and Georgia. When I first saw this shirt, I thought, “I want that.” Was it because I was reading an article about the Jolly Roger?

No matter, it’s a great shirt and you should consider hitting the link below.

Available in black and white styles.

$25 + shipping at Teenage Trendsettaz Clothing


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El Vendedor Meurto @ Teefury

We’ve featured Derrick Castle before on the site, so it’s no surprise to us to see this fellow Nashvillian’s name pop up again… this time as the artist behind today’s VERY cool Teefury design. This one is one of the best ones we’ve seen on Teefury lately.


Derrick talks about his inspiration and how he created the design:

“This Design is obviously inspired by Mexican Folk Art; I wanted to create something that incorporated that as well as the ‘Traveling Snake Oil Salesman’. I’ve always been a big fan of the Circus Side Show art so you can kind of see that as well as many other influences in this design. I drew this out with pen & ink and created the shading using watercolors.”

Remember, available TODAY only!

$9 + shipping at Teefury


Munchy Comic Beast T-Shirt

DeathGob are “purveyors of fine T-Shirts and other excellent items of clothing to the depraved, the confused, the sick, twisted, nerdy, needy, naughty filth-mongerers such as your good-upstanding-selves.”

Which is to say – these guys from across the pond have some pretty cool tees:


£17.50 + shipping (or free in the UK) Death Gob



We really dig the limited edition tees at HaHa Press. Says the founder of the site:

“I created this site to combine my passions for design and printmaking. I hope others with similar passions will utilize Haha as a creative outlet. I hope you like what Haha has to offer.”

$25 + shipping at HaHa Press


Scribble Skull

Well conceived design gives this skull and cross bones a unique 3d feel. Printed on AA tees, these shirts are sold in limited runs. The “Countdown to Extinction” counter shows how many are left. Really diggin’ this, and other tees, at EndangeredWear.

3d Skull

$22.99 + shipping at EndangeredWear