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Funkalicious: Retro 80’s Astronaut w/ Boom Box T-Shirt Design

retro 80s moon landing astronaut boom box

funkalicious shirt astronaut 80sFunkalicious – Threadless churns out its share of cool retro-inspired t-shirts, but this has to be one of the best, and is sure to take it’s place as an iconic design.

For those of us who grew up in the 80’s it immediately brings to mind that old MTV clip with the astronaut jumping on the moon.

Well, fast-forward to the future; MTV sucks, and we’ve outsourced our space program. Maybe that’s why I have such nostalgia for this design?

It also works because of the effortless simplicity in the design, and that’s what you find in most iconic t-shirt designs. It looks like the artist, Chris Golebiowski, didn’t have to try to hard to hit this home run, either.

I also remember calling those radios, “ghetto-blasters,” by the way; a term which apparently didn’t survive the invention of “political correctness.” (but the Cleveland Indians logo did!?) You can pick up one of these Funkalicious, moon man t-shirts over at threadless for about $20.

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Space Battle

So who would win in a fight between a monkey and an elephant?

On land, the monkey would have agility, but the elephant has size and the trunk adds to it’s reach.

What about in space?

Space battle

I’m no space fighter, but I did play that game at the arcade and I remember the joystick requiring thumbs to operate. Sorry monkey, but elephant gets the advantage with the multi-functional trunk.

$14 + shipping at Paper Root Clothing


Martian Seventh Battalion

Martian Seventh Battalion

New online retailer Atomic Tarantula features pricey, but cool sci-fi inspired tees. Their site design is certainly unique (each design is artfully “piled” onto the screen), but there’s a few UI issues that could be cleared up. Like, we’d really love to link you to the above shirt, but we can’t. You’ll just have to find it next to some of the other great designs.

$32 + shipping at Atomic Tarantula