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4 Cheap Tuxedo T-shirt Designs: Only $6

cheapest tuxedo t-shirtsCheap tuxedo t-shirt – Renting a tuxedo is expensive, and the worst thing you can do is return it damaged or really late. Events like bachelor parties in Vegas might seem like a good time to wear a tuxedo, but face it; it logistically doesn’t make sense. It’s going to end up lost or damaged, and you might even puke on it.

For this reason, consider getting tuxedo t-shirts for that bachelor party, wedding /post-prom party, bar gathering, or just about any event where you want to look formal without the cost and effort, and realize that puke might be involved. Also available: tux t-shirts for kids. (Bar mitzvah?)

cheap tuxedo t-shirtClassic Tuxedo T-Shirt: $6

hangover tuxedo t-shirt Consider the even less-formal, “Hangover” tuxedo shirt: $6

hangover tuxedo tshirt Disheveled Tuxedo T-Shirt: BustedTees.com: $24
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*Warning: Wearing a tuxedo t-shirt screams, “I’m a smart-ass,” and is going to get you attention. Be ready to answer the inevitable, “I like your tux!” comments. (Hopefully from attractive ladies rather than fat guys with mustaches who have just dropped something into your drink.)

A possible smart-ass response to this comment may include, “Thanks! Want to smell my boutonniere?” 

Who Wore the First Tuxedo T-Shirt?

tuxedo_shirt garfunkel grammys 1975

They say that Art Garfunkel might have been the first guy to wear a tuxedo t-shirt when he donned one to the 1975 Grammy Awards. Man, he really looks like a smart ass, but check out how the afro and tux shirt lift him out of Paul Simon’s shadow. It’s GARFUNKEL and Simon tonight, baby!

More Tux T-Shirt Ideas

So, are you trying to think of another event to wear a tux tee? Well, start thinking of when you are most likely to puke, and that’s your answer. How about wearing a “kiss me I’m Irish” tux t-shirt on St. Patrick’s Day?

irish tuxedo t shirt st patricks daySt Patrick’s Day Tuxedo T-Shirt

1980s tuxedo t-shirt blue1980’s powder-blue tux t-shirt

Tip: If you wear a tuxedo t-shirt to your actual wedding, you are probably going to have a marriage filled with alcoholism, pro-wrestling, and borderline poverty.



Time to put on your Irish at The Craic’s 90

V-day is a behind us and it’s time to start looking towards the next event, St. Patricks Day. If you’re like me, you hate all the folks pinching you because you aren’t wearing anything green. What better way to solve this issue than by wearing an Irish t-shirt made by an actual Irish person?

Irish-t-shirt-shop: Eejit

£12.00 + shipping at Irish-t-shirt-shop

From the site:

How it all started

The Craics 90 – Irish T-shirt Shop is a small independent company set up by an Irishman living in Liverpool. It’s only when I moved away from home that I became more aware of the lingo and dialog I use on a daily basis that only my fellow Irish countrymen may understand. I thought it would be a fun idea to start printing Irish sayings onto T-shirts for all to see. My inspiration comes from the things I say, the banter in pubs and endless hours of Father Ted.

Other Irish sayings available. Check out the store.


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St Patrick’s Day Tees

A few folks are releasing some really really well-designed t-shirts to make sure you have something green to wear on the official day of drinking and partying.

Check out these great tees: (know of some more? Drop us a comment)


iRish @ Retro Plus Apparel $16.99


Fight Me Irish @ Retro Plus Apparel $16.99


Celtic Clover @ HaHa Press $20.00


4-Leaf Clover Patch @ HaHa Press $20.00


Kiss Me I’m Irish @ HaHa Press $20.00