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Karate Miracle

Yeah, I know. Chuck Norris jokes might be so 2007, but I’m not going to take my chances by making fun of this shirt. You never know if huckCay orrisNay is watching.


Available in female fitted sizes.

R$ 55,00 + shipping at El Cabitron


Incompatibilidade Amorosa (Love incompatibility)

One thing that I like about cartoon genre t-shirts are the way that they personify (someone owes me 25 cents) and the subtle details in the designs. My favorite are the crossed arms and expression on the plug. Anyone that’s been in the same situation can understand his frustration. Great design, but I wish I was able to understand more of the site.

I’m assuming from the currency marker that this is a site from Brazil.

incompatible love

Lots of other great designs on the site.

R$ 55,00 + shipping at Camiseteria


The Man

Everywhere you look, there is an Orwellian camera perched on a pole somewhere watching your every move. If I had a stronger ego, I’d be flattered that I was important enough to be the focus of an entire government’s surveillance scheme. I’ll just have to settle with my mild paranoia.


Even the field with this shirt and show the man you’re watching him watch you.

$9 + shipping at Nice Nines


Daily Roundup 6.26

Ript Apparel: My Favorite program


Roomba with a view.

$10 + shipping at Ript Apparel

shirt.woot: Upon Closer Inspection


What really fell into the water in Cloverfield.

$10 + shipping at shirt.woot

Uneetee: There’s a hero in each of us


Emperor of the Land of the Rising Penguin.

$10 + shipping at Uneetee

Teextile: Vintage at Heart


Ballerina girl you are so lovely.

$12 + shipping at Teextile

Teefury: In Memory


In memory of a pop icon.

$9 + shipping at Teefury


Daily Roundup 6.16

Whoops! Posted yesterday’s roundup as 6.14. How bout we just imagine that it said 6.15, k?

Today’s offering(s)

Ript Apparel:Killer Popcorn
RIPT Apparel - Buy this one of a kind custom tee shirt for t-shirt lovers for only 24 hours

Reminds me of the Stephen King movie, “The Langoliers”

$10 + shipping at Ript Apparel

shirt.woot: Cat Vs. Cat


Sumo Cat FTW!

$10 + shipping at Shirt.Woot

Teefury: Since We Last Spoke


Also the name of a RJD2 album.

$9 + shipping at Teefury

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These days, most clothing lines find their way to the cultural middle ground. So it’s really unusual to find Chor Bazaar, a brand that’s designed to “evoke memories of experiencing India, the India that our parents were raised in and the one that exists today.”

All the designs are drawn from experiences and icons of India like this one:

“Found on the back of Indian trucks, ‘back off or smoke in your face.'”

$20.00 + shipping at Chor Bazaar