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10 different shirts for Haiti relief

I’m a little late to the game when it comes to posting about relief efforts for Haiti, but fortunately, it’s been well covered at many sites in the Shirt-O-Sphere. How about this great list that Coty Gonzales posted a few days ago.

As I was looking around for what was being offered, I noticed 2 things:

1) Many of the shirts seemed to value speed over style. (Not a bad thing since it’s best to get aid to the region as fast as possible.)

2) Most of the shirts were designed to be billboards for further aid. That’s great for getting relief to help Haiti, but it doesn’t give much flexibility if you want to mix fashion with your philanthropy. I know it sounds like a vanity issue, but the more you can accessorize an item, then more you will wear it, and the more you will get the message out.

So what were the results of my search?

I found a collection of shirts that provide a range of syles, yet have the same message – ALL proceeds/profits from the sale of the shirts are earmarked for Haiti relief. There’s nothing wrong with sites that are donating a portion of the proceeds, but I felt it would be good to do a list of sites that were giving all of it to charity.

Take the list for a spin, and if you’re inspired at all to add a shirt to your wardrobe, hit the link and pick one up today.

Kid Dangerous: Help Haiti

Sales of this shirt will benefit One Dome At A Time and will help them provide immediate needs. (blankets, water, food, medicine, etc.)

$35 + shipping at Kid Dangerous


UNDRCRWN: Assist Haiti

Until Jan 27th, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt and 5% of sales sitewide will be donated to Yele Haiti.

$20 + shipping at UNDRCRWN


Aaron Ivey: Help Haiti T

Musician Aaron Ivey is donating all of the proceeds to Real Hope For Haiti, Livesay Family Ministry, and Heartline Ministries to help in providing aid.

$25 + shipping at Aaron Ivey


HelpEndLocalPoverty: Hope For Haiti

Proceeds go to Real Hope For Haiti, Livesay Family Ministry, and Heartline Ministries to help in providing aid.

$25 + shipping at HelpEndLocalPoverty


Hozell: Hozell For Haiti

Hozell is a leisure clothing line based out of Huntington beach, Ca. and is donating all proceeds from the sale of this shirt to the Red Cross.

$20 + shipping at Hozell


Who Are Ya?: Haiti

This design is an homage to the Haiti National team (futbol) and proceeds will benefit UNICEF.

$17.99 + shipping at Who Are ya? Designs


Bungie: Be A Hero

Creators of the Halo game series, all profits will be directly donated to relief organizations on the ground in Haiti.

$19.99 + shipping at Bungie


Everlast: Andre Berto Haiti Relief Tee

Haitian boxer Andre Berto has teamed up with athletic equipment make Evelast to offer this shirt. Proceeds from the sale of this shirt will benefit the Red Cross.

$20 + shipping at Everlast


Timberland: Earthkeepers™ Yéle Haiti Wings

This shirt is one in the series of Haiti relief shirts offered by Timberland to benefit Yele Haiti.

$35 + shipping at Timberland


Heroics Clothing: Save Haiti

Available in styles for men and Women and the most fashion forward of all of the relief shirts I have seen. Designed by artist, Devon Almarinez, proceeds from the sale of this design will benefit the Red Cross.

$17.99 + shipping at Heroics Clothing


It’s great to see how the Shirt-O-Sphere can mobilize to help generate support in a time of need. It may just be a shirt, but to those in need, it is a chance at survival.

For other ways to send relief to Haiti, check out the donate to Haiti page at Google.


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Daily Roundup 6.12

Today’s offering(s)

Ript Apparel: Fly Away
RIPT Apparel - Buy this one of a kind custom tee shirt for t-shirt lovers for only 24 hours

Origami – Gets you in the fold.

$10 + shipping at Ript Apparel

shirt.woot: The Devil is in the Details


Told you not to eat the apple.

$10 + shipping at Shirt.Woot

Teefury: Lost at Sea


If you don’t stop arguing, I’ll turn this schooner right around!

$9 + shipping at Teefury

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T-Shirts as Thank You’s

Thank you begins with a T

Grow Interactive is using t-shirts and a rich-media shopping cart to reward their friends and clients. Somewhere in this mix there is also the launch of a website redesign. To get a shirt, you need some sort of code that is hidden in the site somewhere.


It’s worth a look to see the video for each shirt. If you do happen to find a code and actually submit an order, be aware that YMMV(your mileage may vary).

If you have shirts to sell, find someone that has people to thank and strike a deal.