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Have zombies jumped the shark?

Paramount Pictures just released the first trailer for the new movie, World War Z. It looks pretty epic! I am a big fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead and the original George Romero zombie flicks, and just about anything zombie-related I can dig. But, everything reaches its saturation point eventually – will the release of a $180 million summer blockbuster about zombies starring Brad Pitt finally herald the end of this craze? A veritable death of the undead? I’m not sure, but I know one thing: I’m going to see it.

There are a million and one zombie t-shirts out there – and a lot look very amateurish and corny. But these make me laugh, and are very well done:

“Lawn of the Dead” at Threadless:


zombie t-shirts
“Zombie Protest” at ThinkGeek:


zombie thriller video
“Throwing Shapes, Eating Brains” at Threadless (Thriller inspired, for all you children of the 80s):

Does the Zombie genre still have legs, (pun intended) or like the fifth season of Happy Days, has it also jumped the Shark?

*Do you have too much free time? If so, check out this site which shows you what you would look like if you were a zombie: MakeMeZombie.com


Panda 2k

We don’t usually cover Threadless shirts, because let’s be honest, they don’t need the coverage. But this one is one of the best ones we’ve seen lately, so it had to wind up on the site:


$18 + shipping at Threadless



Bunny Sandwich

This is one of the recent winning designs from a Threadless inspired site in South Africa called springleap.


I’m woefully ashamed that we haven’t heard of these folks before, because besides having a really well-done site with a color scheme we can appreciate, they are rockin’ some great designs.

They launched February 2008 and are getting some great press both in SA and in elsewhere in the world. No wonder, with an active community built around great submissions to the monthly contest.

They buying process seems really easy too – though prices are in the South African Rand, they do ship to the EU and to the US. They have a live help, where one of the customer service reps informed me that shirts shipped to the US run about $23-$24 each (depending on the conversion rate) with around $7.00 in shipping ($1.50 for each additional shirt)


Threadless Offers Prints of Popular Tees

Fantastic! Threadless is now offering actual prints of some of their popular t-shirts designs. ALA tinyshowcase.com, they will offer a limited run of 3 new prints every Monday. Naturally, each design is screen-printed.

The first three designs are some of my favorites from their lineup:


Personally? I’m getting Tree Town.