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4 Cheap Tuxedo T-shirt Designs: Only $6

cheapest tuxedo t-shirtsCheap tuxedo t-shirt – Renting a tuxedo is expensive, and the worst thing you can do is return it damaged or really late. Events like bachelor parties in Vegas might seem like a good time to wear a tuxedo, but face it; it logistically doesn’t make sense. It’s going to end up lost or damaged, and you might even puke on it.

For this reason, consider getting tuxedo t-shirts for that bachelor party, wedding /post-prom party, bar gathering, or just about any event where you want to look formal without the cost and effort, and realize that puke might be involved. Also available: tux t-shirts for kids. (Bar mitzvah?)

cheap tuxedo t-shirtClassic Tuxedo T-Shirt: $6

hangover tuxedo t-shirt Consider the even less-formal, “Hangover” tuxedo shirt: $6

hangover tuxedo tshirt Disheveled Tuxedo T-Shirt: BustedTees.com: $24
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*Warning: Wearing a tuxedo t-shirt screams, “I’m a smart-ass,” and is going to get you attention. Be ready to answer the inevitable, “I like your tux!” comments. (Hopefully from attractive ladies rather than fat guys with mustaches who have just dropped something into your drink.)

A possible smart-ass response to this comment may include, “Thanks! Want to smell my boutonniere?” 

Who Wore the First Tuxedo T-Shirt?

tuxedo_shirt garfunkel grammys 1975

They say that Art Garfunkel might have been the first guy to wear a tuxedo t-shirt when he donned one to the 1975 Grammy Awards. Man, he really looks like a smart ass, but check out how the afro and tux shirt lift him out of Paul Simon’s shadow. It’s GARFUNKEL and Simon tonight, baby!

More Tux T-Shirt Ideas

So, are you trying to think of another event to wear a tux tee? Well, start thinking of when you are most likely to puke, and that’s your answer. How about wearing a “kiss me I’m Irish” tux t-shirt on St. Patrick’s Day?

irish tuxedo t shirt st patricks daySt Patrick’s Day Tuxedo T-Shirt

1980s tuxedo t-shirt blue1980’s powder-blue tux t-shirt

Tip: If you wear a tuxedo t-shirt to your actual wedding, you are probably going to have a marriage filled with alcoholism, pro-wrestling, and borderline poverty.



Funny Wedding T-Shirts: Game Over? The Dilemma of Marriage

game over wedding t-shirtGame Over – wedding t-shirt – $6 at 6dollarshirts.com

game over mario brothers wedding

Funny Wedding T-Shirts – The recent issues that the NFL is struggling with had started a broader conversation on domestic abuse, but from what I’ve seen, the power is usually held by the “fairer” sex.

Marriage itself is an institution that stifles a million years of male instinct, and this inner-struggle is evident in the funny wedding t-shirts online.

The dilemma of Marriage

Essentially, the idea of marriage to men is like a silver-back ape being offered a comfortable cage  at the zoo with regular meals in exchange for their freedom. As long as you don’t freak out and attack anyone, you get food, medicine, a grassy little yard, and even thrown an occasional toy.

Plus, when you commit to one vagina for the rest of your life, you get an expensive party called a wedding thrown for you by your future wife’s family. It’s like a bris, when the Rabbi cuts off the tip of the baby’s penis, except in this ceremony it’s the balls that come off.

wedding ceremony will ferrellBut what are the other options, really?

On some level men need a project manager, or we’ll end up idling in neutral indefinitely. Maybe it’s sexist, but how would we coordinate kids’ birthday parties and do the laundry if left to our own devices? Plus, Have you ever seen guys in their 40’s at college bars when it’s not Homecoming? It’s not natural.

So, as primates we’re presented with a dilemma: either crawl into the cage, grab a head of lettuce and get comfortable, or escape the zoo and wander the streets of the city, foraging for food and scaring children.

big mistake wedding t-shirtBig MistakeWedding t-shirt from Busted Tees

evolution of marriage t-shirt

“Marriage is neither heaven nor hell. It is simply purgatory” – Abraham Lincoln

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“Well, uh I guess I, deep down, am feeling a little confused. I mean, suddenly, you get married, and you’re supposed to be this entirely different guy. I don’t feel different. I mean, take yesterday for example. We were out at the Olive Garden for dinner, which was lovely. And, uh, I happen to look over at a certain point during the meal and see a waitress taking an order, and I found myself wondering what color her underpants might be…” Will Ferrell, Old School

under new management funny wedding t-shirtUnder New Management – Wedding / engagement t-shirt