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On-Demand T-Shirt Printing Review – Part 4

Where where you this week?! If you missed it, here’s part 1, 2 and 3.


A relative newcomer to the online t-shirt printing scene, I’d heard good things of these guys and thought that I should give them a shot. Wordans is located in Quebec, Canada though I’m sure most Quebecians would like to drop that whole Canada part.

Account creation was fast and the only downside for me was that upon completion of the account creation, I was dumped to their main page instead of to their shop creation page. In a way I can understand why they did this, the login is for folks buying and selling, but I guess I had grown used to being dumped right into the shop creation. No biggie though. I found the shop creation link up top and moved on.

I went into the shirt creation interface (they refer to it as their Wordans Experience) and was immediately greeted with a sign of hope. I found Gildan shirts mentioned by name and an icon for American Apparel shirts. I love choice, have I ever mentioned that? Anyway, moving on. Tons of shirt colors. All of them I think (all of the ones available by the vendor that is).

Now on to the image upload. It is built into their Jimi Hendrix… er Wordans Experience as a tab at the top, nice. I had one problem with the Wordans Experience interface… I couldn’t upload images. I remembered seeing an ‘Upload Image’ button outside the interface so I went there instead.

Do you remember where I said that Spreadshirt had two unique features? Well apparently they are unique just like everybody else. Wordans has a very similar “choose your commission” kind of thing except that you decide how much you want to make from each sale in currency.

And that other unique feature, the ability for designers to make commissions when their designs are used and sold on other people’s products? They have that too and more designs appear to have been uploaded than what I saw in the Spreadshirt archives. Good news all around. Where was I? Oh yes, I was talking about image uploading.

Once I used the other ‘Upload Images’ button that I told you about, you are given three choices for your image uploads: PNGs, JPEGS, and GIFs. They recommend a minimum resolution of 1000×1000. You may be saying to yourself, “Great, another digital printing operation” and to that I would say, “Whoa boy” not this time.

They do digital printing, vinyl (flex and flock), and SCREEN PRINTING!!!! Yes folks actual screen printing is available on orders of 35+ shirts. But wait, there’s more. I read in their FAQ that they will also make design changes/improvements on screen printed designs for free with 50+ shirt orders. Niiiiice. And remember what I said about finding Gildan and American Apparel shirts? They also offer Bella (great ladies tees) or the brand of your choice.

I should also mention that their shop also includes being able to select a featured star product, eight templates or you can roll your own in advanced mode, you can add a link to your blog, to your flickr rss feeds, and lots more. In fact, they also have little snippets of code to allow you to integrate your store with your blog or facebook page. Talk about going above and beyond. The only downside from these guys is that their interface needs to be fixed (the upload images button). That would make this site perfect in my eyes.


  • They do it all, digital printing, flex and flock, and screen printing
  • Easy shop setup
  • More premium level features than the other guys offered
  • Every shirt color from every vendor is available
  • You can use your own design or someone else’s
  • HUGE library of uploaded designs to choose from
  • Designers can make money here


  • Image Upload button broken in the Wordans Experience
  • Some additional premium shop features would be nice (Just Kidding)
  • I can’t think of anything else *shrugs*

Stay tuned for our final installment tomorrow, we’re taking a look at Zazzle.